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5 favourite Bob Dylan albums

OK no Blonde on Blonde, Blood on the Tracks, or the early 60s stuff – all of which of course I respect – but these are the albums I listen to most.  Note that most recorded after Bob fell off his motorcycle, went to Nashville etc…:

 John Wesley Harding

 Basement Tapes (building up to full 4 cd A Tree with Roots bootleg compilation, from which the Tapes drawn)

 Oh Mercy

 Time out of Mind

 Modern Times

 With honourable mention to the recent excellent Together Through Life


5 best covers

 Wonderwall,  Ryan Adams  [Original – Oasis]

 Powderfinger, Cowboy Junkies [Original – Neil Young]

 Guns of Brixton, Nouvelle Vague [Original – The Clash]

 My Funny Valentine,   Miles Davis, in Cookin’ [Original – Rodgers &  Hart]

 Jealous Guy, Bryan Ferry [Original – John Lennon]


Best live albums

The following are in my view not just the best live albums by each artist, they are – with the exception of Dylan – the best albums by each artist. The Leonard Cohen in particular manages finally to get the balance absolutely right between the asperity of his voice and the lushness of his arrangements, a balance that The Ladies’ Man has veered all over the place in the studio to achieve.  Neil Young lets loose, as does Van;  neither has ever been better.  You can hear the microphone swinging around Daltrey’s head at ‘Leeds’ (actually some songs recorded elsewhere), dispelling all those dismal later concept albums like Tommy and Quadrophenia.


Live in London, Leonard Cohen

Ragged Glory, Neil Young

Too Late to Stop Now, Van Morrison

Live 1966: The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert [The Bootleg Series Vol.4], Bob Dylan 

Live at Leeds, The Who

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